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5 A's To Quit Tobacco

Here’s a marvelous best-practices schemata of appropriate interplay between a physician and a patient trying to stop smoking.

(A)sk about tobacco use (A)dvise to quit tabacco at every visit (A)ccess willingness to quit at every visit (A)ssist quitting within 2 weeks with pharmacotheraphy (A)rrange follow-up contact in 1st week after quitting

If your physician and you decide to place you on a patch or otherwise medicate you, follow instructions carefully and precisely.

More tips:

• Practice deep breathing. Part of the euphoria of smoking is nothing more than the physiologic sensations produced by deep inhalations.

• Keep other things in your mouth. Mints and chewing gum (low-calorie) are great. Brushing your teeth also serves many purposes. Drinking water when you want to smoke will often remove the urge.

• Make it past the first day. Then make it past the first week.

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