Heat Stroke

Maybe you didn’t see a doctor when you had the chance. You’ve collapsed outdoors, and are found and brought in. This is Heat Stroke. Heat Stroke is defined by changes in your mental status. Also, there are increases in your temperature and disruption of your bodily functions. This can include a loss of ability to sweat and a loss of your kidney and liver’s abilities to detoxify your body the way they normally do.

Exertional vs Classic Heat Stroke

The more deadly form of heat related illness is ‘Classic’ Heat Stroke. This is the type that captures the headlines every year in places like Chicago, New Orleans, Miami and Houston. ‘Classic Heat Stroke’ is seen in those with underlying disease, bad habits or the elderly. I’m talking about the obese, alcoholics, meth and/or cocaine users, folks with thyroid or heart disease or on certain medications like diuretics or beta-blockers. These folks can get the same symptoms simply by not being able to escape the heat. They may actually just be sitting around in a less than optimally air-conditioned home.

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