Tips to Avoid Summertime Sports Injuries

• Always warm up, regardless of the sport. It’s especially helpful to stretch the Achilles tendon, hamstring and quadriceps areas and hold the positions without a bouncing motion.

• Avoid bending knees past 90 degrees.

• Avoid twisting knees. This is best done by keeping your feet as flat as possible during stretches and running.

• If you’re jumping, land with your knees bent.

• Cool down following vigorous sports. You want your heart rate to come down gradually.

• Wear properly fitting shoes. You can avoid stress fractures and sprains by wearing shoes that provide shock absorption and stability.

• Avoid running on hard surfaces like asphalt and concrete. It’s preferable to run on softer, flat surfaces. Appreciate that running uphill may increase the stress on the Achilles tendon and the leg itself.

• Know when to stop.

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