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Tips To Stop Smoking

Don’t pick your birthday to stop when New Year’s has passed. Do it now. Can’t do it now? Do it Monday. In fact, do it every Monday. It’s a fight. If you fall down, start it back up again. It’s the fight of your life (or should I say for your life)!

Try all of these tips to help you:

• If you decide to quit after your current (last) pack, throw away one cigarette for every one you smoke.

• Count (figuratively or literally) all the money you’re saving by not smoking.

• Throw away (not give away) all cigarettes, cigars, matches, lighters, humidors, cigar cutters and anything else you associate with smoking. You’ll realize how sad it is if and when you find yourself rummaging through the garbage to get a fix.

• Tell everyone (loudly) that you’ve quit. Empower them to help and hold you accountable. Enlist another smoker friend to go through the journey with you.

• If you do fall off the wagon, smoke a different cigarette brand. Odds are you won’t like it as much, and that will help combat the natural ease you have with smoking.

• Contact your physician and ask for help.

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